Initial Setup of System

Accounts Setup

  • Transfers Invoice numbers, customers to MYOB and Quickbooks. NMS invoices from the inventory, this feature enables you to transfer the invoice details across to accounting software MYOB & Quickbooks.

Plants Setup

  • Includes pots/container per carton or shelf for packing plus suppliers list
  • Plant Groups – Divide your plants into groups e.g. Native, Exotic etc
  • Plant Growth Stage – Potting up
  • Locations – Name your paddocks throughout the nursery as well as which order you pick within your nursery
  • Priorities – High, medium or low priorities can be given to a particular plant
  • Plant Labels – Label descriptions can be added to each plant & container
  • Plant Prices – Standard pricing plus individual customers can be catered to with multiple price points
  • Plant Stock source – Plug, tube or other stock lists with where the plants are sourced
  • Growth Method – Requirements of individual plants propagation requirements



  • Costs associated with potting such as Labour, Machinery, Media/Soil & Consumables such as stakes, pots, chemicals etc

Sales Set Up

  • Set up your invoicing & have messages for customers e.g. banking details


  • EAN/GS1 barcode set up, printing & lists of all barcodes

Company Groups & Barcodes

  • Customers with special barcoding requirements can be accommodated in this area. Printing of barcodes can be run off singly or via their order in a picking list



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