Sales Orders

Sales,Pick lists and Invoicing

  • Invoicing – Sales orders enable the data entry of orders placed leading to invoicing
  • Picking Lists – Orders can be singularly picked or merged. Carton labels & barcodes can be created automatically with one push of a button
  • Customer Name – Easily selected by a drop down automatic alpha recognition list
  • Order Numbers – Customer order numbers can be entered which print on the invoice
  • Discount – Automatic discounts appear or manual discounts can be entered
  • Special Instructions – An area is available for customer’s special requests
  • Delivered by – Includes the pre-set transport company for each individual customer or can be manually set
  • Required by – Includes the date pre-set by the delivery instruction in each customers file or can be manually set
  • View Customer Price List – Each individual customer’s price list can be viewed
  • Preview & print order – This function can show the customers order before printing
  • Contact, phone, address, delivery address – All can be viewed while on this screen
  • Sales Source – Excellent for tracking where your sales come from e.g. fax, phone
  • Partial Select – Enables part of an order to be invoiced while the balance remains in an order
  • Finalise Order – Once the above function is activated this enables the order to be completed
  • Adding, Editing or deleting – Orders can be easily amended before invoicing
  • Miscellaneous items – provisions for charging for non-plant items eg:- stakes, books etc
  • Forward Orders – This feature enables you to place a sales order for stock which is not currently ready for sale. This can be done for a short or long period in advance
  • Quotations – This enables you to efficiently generate quotes for your customers which allows you to record the customer, source of the plants and price plus print a professional quotation for your client. Once accepted the quote can be transferred into the sales module
  • Adhoc barcodes – If any barcodes are misplaced this feature enables you to print extra barcodes
  • Scanbook
  • Basic importing of EDI orders
  • Online availability list on mobile devices, so you now can work in the field
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