Plant Data

Plant Data on all of the Plants
grown in the Nursery

  • Plant names – Genus & Species
  • Growing Method – Record growing information such as seed, cutting, grafted
  • Growing Instructions – Special instructions can be recorded for each variety
  • Containers – The full list of containers used for each plant are listed with their price, ready & use by dates, label used with that container, losses and whether the label has a pre printed barcode on it
  • Label – The different type of labels used for each pot can be listed here & can be printed off for each sales order in the picking lists
  • Plant Group – Divide you plants into groups eg Native, exotic. These can be grouped for sales reports
  • Plant Priority – High, medium or low priorities can be given to a particular plant
  • Common Name – These can be recorded in the Plant Data
  • Seed source – Record where to purchase or locate seed
  • Extinct – Old plant varieties can be finished
  • Treatments to each plant e.g. pruning, fertilising, staking, potting times can be listed & printed out for employees
  • Reporting – 17 Plant reports available
  • View batches & numbers available
  • Copying facility for like varieties
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