Production Activities

Inventory Management Data on all Plant Batches

Inventory control for all plants in the nursery from the earliest stage to sale.

  • View batches via batch numbers, batch week, plant name, location or container
  • Stock on hand reports via location – View on the screen or print for stocktake purposes
  • View Batches – Numbers available, location, losses & costing
  • View Audit trials – All movements for each batch including potting, sales, losses can be viewed
  • Cost batches – Cost each batch of plants
  • Barcodes – Print barcodes for batches
  • Move batches – Entire batches or part batches can be moved location
  • Reports – Extensive reports available on every batch of plants. These reports can assist with future planning
  • Losses – These can be tracked on each batch produced
  • NMS allows to multi plant a batch container a number of mixed genus and species
  • Manage seed batches as well as sowing seed
  • Provenance tracking
  • Manages division
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