Managing Your Customers

  • Company Name – Customers names recorded
  • Branch – Customers with multiple sites can be grouped together for sales reports but separated via the branch name for invoicing
  • Type of business – Types of businesses e.g. Landscape or Garden Centre can be listed. Mailing lists can be compiled
  • Trading Terms – Name your trading terms to be printed on the invoice
  • Contact details – List your contacts for each customer & their position. Details include phone number, fax number, mobile, email address
  • Website – List the customers web site
  • Address – Multiple addresses can be accommodated including postal and street
  • Delivery schedule including transport company – Transport companies & delivery days are kept for each customer. These details are transferred to each order with dates required
  • Client History (CRM) – Log comments, orders and invoices in a basic Customer Relationship Management format
  • Discounts/Pricing Structure – Each customer can be allocated a discount or price
  • Stop Supply feature
  • ABN recorded
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